Happy Birthday!

Dear and inspiring Max and Stefan,

It is our sincere joy and pleasure to congratulate you on the occasion of your both consecutive birthdays!

Stefan, your father's strength, faith and unconditional support for Max are worthy of a Nobel Prize, and if there is one in the "Father of the Year" category, it will be an honor and privilege for us to present it to you. We wish you to be healthy, smiling and filling everyone around you with the enthusiasm you carry. You are one of the examples that Bulgaria needs to see, hear and share.

Max, we wholeheartedly wish you to conquer even the highest peaks of your dreams and goals with ease! Be healthy, radiant, constantly evolving and contributing to make this world a better place. We believe that the path you walk will bring you everything you need, as well as everything that will make your heart and soul shine with true happiness. We are happy that we shared the moments of your growth from a small child to an erudite and worthy role model. We love you and we are proud of you!

Stefan and Max, may health, abundance, well-being and light abound on the way to the realization of all your dreams and desires. Be cohesive, persistent, loving and supportive. For us, your strong connection is a bridge that connects oceans and continents.

Thank you for everything that you are and that you carry in your hearts and souls!

With love,

The team of "St. George International School&Preschool"

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