So far this year has been quite challenging, but we made sure to take the best out of it in order to provide the safest and most healthy environment. During the COVID-19 pandemic we are following all instructions of the Ministry of Health. In this regard the school made all the necessary investment in materials, resources and a highly qualified team and is ready to provide effective learning in a face-to-face or virtual learning environment.

Measures in brief:

  • Daily health checks when entering school - all entrances are equipped with thermal cameras, and we have a fully trained medical team, as well as a suitable isolation area to care for anyone who shows symptoms.
  • Where necessary access routes have been modified to enable physical distancing and a flow that minimizes close contact.
  • All staff and students have to wear protective masks / shields in the common areas of the School.
  • Across the facility areas there are informational posters displayed about the hygiene rules.
  • The school facilities are reinforced with daily cleaning procedures and installed hand sanitizers.
In order to make our environment safer we prepared a couple of mandatory measures and we do rely on everyone’s assistance to observe them daily:


  • Check every morning their child’s temperature before going to school. If the temperature is higher than 37.3 degrees and/or have other symptoms, the student must stay at home. 
  • Prepare every day at least 2 masks/shield appropriate for the age of the student.
  • Provide to the child a bottle for water.
  • In case the child does not have a protective mask / shield (or loses it) and/or bottle for water, such will be provided by the School right after the lack is discovered. The parents / guardians should pay its value afterwards.


  • School Bus – The busses will be disinfected before and after each course. All students will be checked for their temperature before boarding the bus. If the temperature is higher than 37.3 degrees and/or have other symptoms, the students are not going to be allowed to enter the bus. All students and staff must wear a mask / shield for the duration of the bus ride. 
  • Transport provided by the parents – we strongly recommend to avoid the use of public transport, if that is possible.


  • All school busses are arriving separately as per the planned schedule and students enter the School through Reception A.
  • Primary students (PG - 4 Grade), who use their own transport  must enter the School through the underground parking and Reception B. 
  • Secondary students (Grade 5 – Grade 12) who use their own transport must enter the school through Reception A.
  • The moment they leave the vehicle, the students/parents must wear protective masks or shields. The parents are not allowed to enter the school facility. 

    All parents must leave the school area as quick as possible, in order to prevent a large group of people. 

    IMPORTANT: All entrances of the school are equipped with thermal cameras. The system for temperature measurement will be monitored by the reception staff by means of thermal cameras. All students and visitors must go through this medical filter before entering the school facility. If the red light appears on the screen during the filter, the student will be isolated in a special room for 15 minutes where his temperature will be measured by means of a termometer. If the temperature is still above 37,3 degrees, it will be checked again after 15 minutes, and i it’s still high, the student has to go home.


Primary and Secondary students will be separated. 

  • Primary students will use Floors 1 and 2 with the Main staircase. 
  • Secondary students will use Floors 3 and 4 with the Emergency staircase.  
  • Face coverings (mask/shield) must be worn in the common areas. All teachers must wear face coverings in the classrooms as well as everywhere in the school facility. Face coverings for the students are recommended in the classrooms, and compulsory in the common areas.
  • Additional safety measures include:

    • During a lesson, each student uses a separate desk. 
    • Each classroom has warm water, soap and hand sanitizer.  
    • Hand sanitizers are provided everywhere around the school facility. 
    • Very well equipped restrooms (non-touch systems). Disinfection after each break.  
    • The library is separated in two sections for Primary and Secondary students. 
    • The yard will be divided into different areas for use. 
    • Regular hand washing will be encouraged for students and staff. 
    • All staff is well prepared for safe work in this situation.  
    • In case of direct communication with somebody, all teachers must wear a mask/shield and keep social distance.  
    • Teachers are encouraged to deliver their lessons in school’s outdoor playgrounds. 
    • The communication with parents will be mostly online, for individual meetings we will follow all the instructions of the Ministry of Health. 
    • Specific measures for protection during extracurricular activities.  


  • We are following all the instructions of BABH and the Ministry of Health.
  • Different entrance and exit from the canteen are ensured. 
  • All of the food is displayed behind a protection barrier. 
  • All meals will be passed to the student by the service personnel.
  • Students sit only in their designated areas and seats in order to keep distance. 
  • Students from different stages of education will not be mixed.
  • The morning snack at 10.00 and the afternoon snack at 15.30 will be delivered on the floor where the classroom of the students is located.


    • Specific areas for each grade are designated at the Reception. 
    • Leaving school for each grade is according to a specific shedule in order to prevent large groups of people. 
    • Primary students (PG - 4 Grade) must exit the school through Reception B. 
    • Secondary students (Grade 5 – Grade 12) must exit the school through Reception A.
    • Students, who are going home by bus, must exit the school through Reception A, accompanied by a teacher.
    • If the student is enrolled in some extracurricular activity, the class master will hand the student to the teacher of this activity. 


    • Primary students (PG - 4 Grade) must exit the school through Reception B. 
    • Secondary students (Grade 5 – Grade 12) must exit the school through Reception A.
    • Students, who are going home by bus, must exit the school through Reception A, accompanied by a teacher.

      The wellbeing of all students both physical and psychological is our number one priority. We have taken all the necessary safety measures and we will not stop with that. Since the world is a place where you can always grow and learn new things, so are we as an educational organisation. We will keep investing, developing and taking all safe measures for the peaceful and secure environment for each one of us. 

      It is of high importance that we stay calm and positive in any situation, and that we encourage this type of attitude in our children. We believe that with the support of each member of our community we can make the next academic year for our bright pupils one wonderful and fairy adventure.

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