A dream to come true

Each trail leads to a beautiful and picturesque view somewhere in the mountains, each road invites to an exciting adventure, and the handmade rowing boat that Max builds with his father leads them to a goal worthy enough of competing even the biggest Hollywood productions! The perseverance and sportsmanship that our tenth grader Max has are unconditional, and when we add Stefan's constant fatherly support, we are confident that their noble adventure will be crowned with success.

The two set sail from the coast of Portugal two months ago, with their main goal being to cross the Atlantic and reach the coast of French Guiana. Their water journey endows them with many lessons, ocean waves, sunshine and tropical storms, and the exciting initiative of these inspiring young people aims to support the donor program “Yes! For life".

Like a part of an actual plot, as they sail, our main characters find themselves in a variety of situations - from challenges to their survival skills to purely domestic duties, such as providing fresh water or clean clothes. The first and main meal of the day consists of the favorite breakfast, which worthily bears the name - "Neverest", and it in turn comes from the name of the hand-made rowing boat, which Max is sincerely proud of.

In addition to the heavy physical exertion in open waters, to which they are subjected daily, our heroes have to deal with unforeseen situations - encounters with pirate ships, damage to the rowing boat, storms and winds, as well as the internal struggle with isolation. Recently, the tropical storm Josephine joined the "storyline" of Max and Stefan, but these are things that rather motivate, charge and give them additional courage.

We are adamant that we have seen many things in the movies over the years, but the adventure of our main characters will surely go down in history as a very motivating and inspiring example of the power of the human spirit, of the strong bond that can exist between a father and a son, for the noble causes.

Dear Max and Stefan, apart from Oscar, you definitely have our support and love for your beyond human efforts, as well as for the good initiative for which you fight and support - “Yes! For life". We sincerely wish you a headwind and continue to follow your adventure with great interest!

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