Outstanding creative achievements during quarantine

The past few months presented themselves among the most unpredictable challenges, yet at the same time gifted an opportunity for new horizons to be discovered and higher peaks to be conquered through poetry, creativity and an artistic mindset.

Nia-Katia Burzakova, a truly talented tenth grade student of ours, won 4ᵗʰ place for the first week in the international online competition EduHam at Home with her poem based on American history. The initiative aims to motivate students in America and around the world to learn more about American history by using the hit musical Hamilton, which was written by the initiator of the event Lin-Manuel Miranda, as a base. This is the first time the initiative has been open to international students due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nia has been writing poems for three years now and has presented them at our school on many occasions. Her success is another proof of the talent and potential of all Bulgarian children and we are very proud of her. And Nia's achievements cannot stop there.

During lockdown, Irina Florin released a music video for her new song "Darkness inside me" which includes over 20 Bulgarian stars singing parts of the song from home, including Niki Kanchev, Radina Kardzhilova and Deyan Donkov, Ajda Chausheva, Blagoslav Anastasov (Hayes & Y), VICK, Violeta Petrova, Dara Ekimova, Dobromir Banev, Koso Filipov, Maya Chicharova, Nadia Vasileva, Nina Nikolina, Petar Antonov, Stefan Ilchev, TINO, Shterion Pilidov & Teodora Radilova, Irina Florin herself and our student, Nia-Katia Burzakova, together with her mother, Natalia Dimitrova. They were invited to participate personally by Irina Florin and performed incredibly. To watch their participation, visit the following link.

For our school, the goal is for our children to develop their interests and talents in various different fields, and not only academical ones, because that is the only way to create full-fledged people. Well done, Nia!

See photos here.

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