Happy 24th May!

This month our fourth and fifth graders dedicated their work to the most profound Bulgarian day - The national day of letters, of enlightenment and spirit! And to the poet who wrote:

'we have also given something to the world - to all Slavs books to read.'

In honor of this celebration, the students from 4th grade discussed their favorite book from this academic year and came up with admirable literary creation. With great excitement this year our fifth-graders took upon the mission to recreate the Day of Slavic Culture and Literacy in their own way. Inspired by the deeds of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, our students manifested in verse, sound and picture how great the power of words is! It can cover vast distances, bring strength and faith in all that is good.

Children put a lot of effort into writing and illustrating their books. They discovered unsuspected magic and realized that a book is the greatest wealth, because 'in the beginning was the Word'!

We have been reading and writing in our native language for more than a millennium. That is why we will be eternally grateful to the Saints Cyril and Methodius - founders of the Slavic letters and literature. Their contribution is enormous not only for the Slavic family, but also for the whole of Christian Europe.

Happy 24th of May!

Watch the video here.

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