Welcome to the official website of St. George International School & Preschool!

I believe that as you browse our website, you will gain the perception of how, through combining place, people and principles, we create for our students a unique environment. An environment where they grow up with the understanding that we are all connected and that gaining knowledge and skills how to live with the others, interact and learn from them is the most important thing in order to have a happy, dignified and meaningful life.

We are a school community with more than 600 students and over 150 teachers and support staff representing nearly 30 nations.

We create an inclusive environment for a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle. We offer stimulating curricula and unique experiences through which we develop collaboration and leadership skills and build courageous and confident thinkers, aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, capable and motivated to learn throughout their lives. We encourage our students to set goals, to take ownership, to value their own achievements and those of others, to respect traditions, and to accept and discover innovations. We encourage a caring, culturally aware community based on honesty, responsibility, respect, initiative, mutual assistance, openness, tolerance and understanding in which our students can express themselves.

Our academic program is tailored to the age, abilities and interests of the children so that they can reach their full potential. Our focus on strengths increases their self-esteem and helps the students become effective learning and balanced young people. We believe in the importance of the classic education and the virtues tested over time. Such education provides the sound foundation on which we build the skills needed for the professions of the future.

Our mission is that at the end of their education the students are prepared for the best universities in the world and afterwards successfully realize their potential. Our goal is that they acquire skills not only for one profession and become able to adapt and prosper anywhere in the world and also keep their national consciousness.

There are many ways to join us. You could apply for a student or a member of our team, be a guest lecturer, musician, artist, run a debate club or a club in technology, sports or arts, volunteer for work with students in your area of expertise, or consider making a donation to support our library or music department, share your professional experience, organise an event for the students or the parents, ... the possibilities are infinite. So that we could set together the beginning of an exciting journey, build lifelong friendships and achieve together our goals and dreams.

This is the spirit of St. George International School & Preschool. This is us.

But most of all we are eager to do more, to improve and become better. To combine the best of the Bulgarian and the international achievements so that our present and future students can create a better world than the one they found.

Because they are the future. Here and now.

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