Puppet Theatre with Kindergarteners

This Friday morning commenced with humour and character for Kindergarteners. How so? They watched a puppet show. The spectacular play, led by puppeteers Zhivka Doneva and Nikolay Boyadzhiev, was based on the well-known fairy tale ‘The Snow Queen’ by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Through this classical tale of tight friendship, children learned a lot about kindness, perseverance and how they can help a character overcome any hardship on the way. Another lesson was the return and appreciation of one’s true home, as Gerda saved Kai from the Frozen Kingdom and led him back to grandma, their house of roses and the warm welcoming season of spring. The story was touching, simultaneously incorporating many amusing elements and moments. Children’s smiles could not help it but shine bright and wide, answering the stage call of artistry and inspiration!

See photos here.

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