World Scholar's Cup 2020 Sofia Round

Day 1

We are saluting this new decade, filled with a series of variable challenges and most of all with a lead-off memorable visit of the World Scholar’s Cup 2020 with this year’s topic – ‘A world renewed’. The spectacular academic programme already drew almost 300 students ftom many schools from Sofia into their unique global community by introducing them to all worldwide rounds, three of their amazing speakers and of course, their beloved mascot – Jerry The Alpaca. In the first half of today’s action, Seniors faced both individual and collective tasks through Collaborative Writing, followed by the Scholar’s Challenge. Meanwhile, Juniors participated in an engaging sequence of team debates on the following themes: ‘It is good for parents to make mistakes’, ‘People should only get new phones when their old ones break’ and last but not least, ‘Bulgarians should be the first to live on the Moon’. The afternoon presented them with conundrums of its own, this time with Seniors entering debating themes such as: ‘Should school make a class on how to make mistakes’, ‘Only the original writers of the movie should be allowed to write the sequel’ and ‘Leaders of big countries should first be leaders of small country’. This first stage of the competition taught children wiser ways of expressing their own thinking confidently and truly reinforced their sense of cooperative work.

What is next, only time will show… Stay with us until tomorrow for more witty challenges and wish our ambitious scholars best of luck!


Day 2

After Day 1 of the spectacular World Scholar’s Cup, all scholars quickly recharged their batteries and took a bold step into the second and final day. This time, they ventured on a journey called ‘The Scholar’s Bowl’, where with the help of a five button remote control, students competed with time as they gained points for their teams and participated in this amusing and interactive quiz. Thereupon, children gave a ‚parental vow‘ to protect their little alpacas, quietly resting on their smart heads.

Later on, eight outstanding debaters faced each other on the stage in two team of four, enthralling their fellows with truly passionate speeches on the topic ‘Learning from mistakes is overrated’. Excellent student debaters themselves were the judges of this argumentative battle, amongst whom was Mihail Palmov – our outstanding student with deep-rooted experience in the Scholar’s Cup here and abroad. The judicial panel bestowed the win on the affirmative team, which presented the strong final speaker Kristiana Petkova from St. George International School. The audience also had the chance to take part in the aftermath of the debate, adding some arguments that the teams might have missed. With this intense discussion coming to an end, it was time for talents to shine. Amongst the performances were singing, ukulele, piano, back bending gymnastics, poetry, card tricks and dancing. All the while, a constant livestream of the spectacle was reaching all parents on the sixth floor.

The Closing Ceremony stirred the deepest emotions, as every child and team was awarded with dozens of golden and silver medals for their incredible achievements in one or several respective disciplines and shared the feeling under the spotlights. Undoubtedly, one thing that every one of us drew from this weekend is an earnest gratitude for being able to learn, grow and appreciate it all – together. 2020 is already a year to remember!

See photos here.

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