Installing bird feeders with Grade 4

Our children learn continuously and education is to them what wings are to birds – a life-bearing limb providing them with freedom of choice. They also know the importance of nutrition, which further inspires them to take care of other species during this rough winter season. Thanks to a truly generous mom, Marina Avramova, we are now part of the BSPB’s initiative ‘A grain of life’ (Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds), which encourages youngsters to take care of birds and their feeding needs on a regular basis at their local school.

After lunch today, fourth graders decided to install both a hanging and a fixed bird feeder in the front and back garden, which were both donated by Mrs. Avramova. After positioning it at about two meters height from the ground, the students received a handful mix of wheat and sunflower seeds from Miss Iva in order to fill them up well. Now all that is left is to regularly reload our friend’s canteen and await to witness their magical arrival!

See photos here.

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