Coming back to our dearest school

‘We don’t stop going to school when we graduate.’ In a similar means, we don’t stop coming back to our dearest school, be it months or years down the line. Antonio Malev and Anton Vylkov are our former pupils, who are already in the pursuit of their dream as first year university students in Journalism and Mechatronics. Last Friday, guided by their fondest memories, they visited St. George International School. The boys payed a visit to their beloved teacher Miss Greta and surprised everyone with a present as a sign of gratitude to their former school - this beautiful and harmonious painting. They took a tour around the new building to find out they were fascinated by the facilities and still conquered by a great amount of childhood memories.

We are our memories and as Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard stated: ‘While life can only be understood backwards, it must be lived forwards. And in that direction the only constant is change.’ In that sense, people will always keep changing, growing and developing. Yet, our student memories echo to the child within us and often lead us back to school.

See photos here.

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