Hanukkah with Grade 2

Being an international school, Saint George School truly respects and celebrates different cultures and traditions.

Yesterday second grade students were glad to welcome three of our international parents, Mrs. Khazai, Mrs. Salpeter and Mrs Levi, who took the wonderful initiative to tell the children all about Hanukkah – the Jewish festival of light.

Our students learned how Hanukkah is marked and discovered the role of the special candelabrum with nine branches (called menorah or hanukkiah). Children were intrigued to learn fascinating new words such as shamash - the name of the unique candle in the middle of the menorah, thus further discovering more about one of the world's grand cultures.

The Hanukkah event was a mixture of history and science. Mrs. Khazai, Mrs. Salpeter and Mrs Levi had prepared another exciting activity, presenting the students to the Newton's colour wheel and teaching them more about light.

A sweet wrap of this amazing afternoon was the surprise from the three generous ladies – traditional Hanukkah doughnuts for all participants!

We are extremely grateful for this initiative and believe that cultural exchange events alike are to be held much more often in the future.

See photos here.

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