Christmas Charity Bazaar and Concert 2019

Dear Friends,

Gazing back at this extraordinary calendar year, our team at St. George International School and Preschool sends our wholehearted gratitude and love to all of you - children, parents, teachers, partners and members.

This Year’s Christmas Charity Bazaar and Concert surely accelerated our heartbeats through breathtaking performances and united our hearts around the warmest fireplace there is - children's happiness.

Yet again, all of us worked tirelessly and devotedly together to fund our charities, providing children and people with severe disabilities with life essentials and an opportunity to experience a special summer at the rehabilitation camp. Through the Christmas Workshops, Delicacies and Yummies as well as Art Wonders, we proudly share that our final donation comes at 16 464 BGN! And every single contribution mattered. Thank you!

Each theatre play, which the students had prepared, expressed a child’s individual contribution as much as the team’s collective emotion. Each reminded us of the joy and power of communal creation. And each is unforgettable. Santa graced their brilliant spectacle and thereupon welcomed every class to memorize this winter fairy tale within the School’s photo archive.

During this year’s Christmas Charity Bazaar and Concert, we had the honour to share a dream coming true for two of our wonderful teachers, who through the school’s friendship and support created their first bilingual booklet (Пате & Puppy) for toddlers, embedding captivating poems and adorable authorial illustrations!

Whatever awaits you for these few upcoming holiday weeks - be it a distant adventurous voyage or a well-deserved snugged Sofian rest - remind yourselves of the meaningful and deposit in each one of those days warmth, understanding, unity and love.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas, a courageous and bright welcoming of this New Year and thank you for all that we achieve together. We know that our children are the map to every achievement that follows!

See photos here.

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