Cooking Activity 2 with Grades 0B and 2A

For a second Thursday in a row, our preparatory group students teamed up with second graders to learn how to prepare their first basic culinary meal – a classic sandwich. The techniques stay the same, awaiting to challenge and impress new learners and today, these are grades 0B and 2A. Here we go: ingredients preparation; a demonstration by Miss Annabelle and Miss Nicola; then slicing with the help of their partner; the decorative part sees much creativity from childrens’ innovative minds (holes in the chees are not overlooked either); and our favourite part – what else but sharing half of their scrumptious creation with each other. To clean up is not less important, so they lift up their boards and ‘click’ – it folds and crumbs effortlessly slide down to leave the place spotless. The greatest cooks leave no traces!

See photos here.

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