‘Live the Science’ Exhibition with Grade 5

Not long ago, Albert Einstein said that ‘… imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited and imagination encircles the world’. When we look around, there are constant little proofs of his profound statement and within all our students, there is a thirst for it. What better time for the travelling exhibition ‘Live the Science’ to visit Sofia and lure us to discover infinite scientific theories through their interactive and ingenious facilities. So, with the speed of light, grades 5A and 5B set out to experience it all.

Mirror illusions, refraction, pulley wheel functions or testing one’s coordination endurance – there was something for everyone and each experiment was unique. Amongst childrens’ most favourite attractions were: ‘Unicursal: Point in one line’, ‘Rotating head’, ‘Lift yourself up’, ‘The invisible coin’, ‘Terrible basketball player’, ‘Flying ball’, ‘Sound fountain’, ‘Cross the line’, ‘Magnetic acceleration’, ‘Pulfrich phenomenon’, ‘Face matching’, ‘The Dark room’ and of course, the ‘Invisible man’. Who knew two floors of mystery can be hours and hours of captivating fun. Before the final farewell, the whole bunch came together to preserve this magical moment in time.

See photos here.

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