Cooking Activity with Grades 0A and 2C

The first English class this Thursday was turned into a hands-on cooking activity. Each zero grader was paired up with a second grader, engaging together in a sandwich preparation from start to finish. Miss Annabelle and Miss Nicola guided them through the whole process and taught them how to use basic cutlery along with a few vegetable slicing techniques. After all the finishing touches, each team sliced the sandwich in half in order to share it with their partner. With the help of the foldable chopping boards, children were able to clean their creative mess quickly and effectively.

This was a unique opportunity for students to put several school values into practice by showing initiative, responsibility and mutual support whilst helping their younger school mates. Today, they are reflecting on this culinary experience through a written letter and discussion. Way to go, little chefs!

See photos here.

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