World Scholar’s Cup 2019 - Award Ceremony

Long-awaited, yet just on time - the Award Ceremony results, along with our champions, arrived after their long travel from across the Atlantic. Without further ado, amongst the Juniors, we have proudly earned one gold medal for ‘Best Scholar’ and three silvers in the categories of ‘Team Writing’, ‘Individual Writing’ and ‘Individual Debater’. Further noting the greatest triumphs of our Seniors: three golds in ‘Individual Debater’, ‘Da Vinci’ and ‘Best Scholar’ as well as a long list of silver medals - three in ‘Science’, two in ‘Literature’, 3 in ‘Writing’, two in ‘Team Debate’, whole five in ‘Da Vinci’ and three in ‘Art’. It has been a deep and fulfilling journey, loaded back with tons of inspiration for this ongoing academic year. Congratulations and may this achievement always bring memorable warmth within you.

See photos here.

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