World Scholar’s Cup 2019 – Part 2

We are still keeping up with the journey of our champions, as they lead us into the hall of the Cultural Fair. Here students from many nooks and crannies of the world present their schools through the rich cultural spectrum of their own country or region. St. George International School is amongst the stands, proudly presenting Bulgarian rose oil, jam, lokum and acquaint anyone stopping by with our colourful national heritage. Of course, no such expedition can be undertaken without further exploration. The Juniors ventured north to visit Boston and explore Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Meanwhile, Seniors had a bubbly yet relaxing lunchbreak near Battell Chapel in the Old Yale Campus just prior to their talent show. Stay tuned for more days of collecting knowledge and experience. Until then, we wish our children much courage, luck and joy for the upcoming Award Ceremony! To be continued…

See photos here.

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