World Scholar's Cup, Tournament of Champions 2019

The Tournament of Champions in Yale began with a dynamic opening ceremony. Our hosts expressed their gratitude to have us all in Yale at the final competition of the year. The children cheered and applauded Daniel Berdichevski, the Chief Alpaca of the programme and his team for their hard work all over the planet throughout the whole year. They had the chance to mingle with the Yale students visiting different campuses of the university and experiencing a day of the life of a Yale student in the course of the Scholar's Challenge.

The second day for the Juniors was the day for serious work, they had to show their skills in Collaborative Writing, Scholar's Challenge and Team Debating. Our Juniors won 2 out of 3 debates in competition with 1000 students from 5 continents. Some of the topics, which children had to brainstorm on and build their thesis around, were: 'whether descendants of people in history books should have the right to change what is written about them', 'whether CEOs should be required to take photography courses', 'whether there should be more ToCs to allow more students the chance to participate' and many others.

The third day of the event gave the Juniors the opportunity to meet two panels of Yale students sharing their experiences and answering questions. More interesting moments are ahead. Greetings from the beautiful New Haven, the home of Yale University.

See photos here.

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