Air Resistance Practical with Grade 6A

In their Man & Nature Class on 24th October, students ‘skydived’ into a truly exciting experiment – air resistance testing with own handmade parachutes. With colourful craft tissue paper, sturdy transparent cord and a few cutting tools at hand, children left no egg unprotected by creating the most ethereal parachute designs to support its fall. Through the process, they learnt how air resistance reduces the effect of gravity – basically, the greater the surface area of the parachute, the more air it gets to catch, making the egg’s descend gradual and safe. After accomplishing their constructions, six teams of six-graders headed to the sports hall accompanied by Miss Julia and Miss Francesca in order to conduct the experiment. Two eggs survived, four almost made it… yet all of them drifted like feathers to the ground, demonstrating how each detail of this flying craft really matters. Eggcellent!

See photos here.

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