‘Athletic Stars of Sofia’ – City Championship 2019 Grades 1 – 6

This October 25th was amongst the most active of Fridays. Bright and early on that day, Asics Arena welcomed 6 groups of young sport talents from St. George International School. Over the following few eventful hours, they became part of the grand athletic competition ‘Athletic Stars of Sofia’ 2019 and earned medals, certificates, crowd cheers and unforgettable memories. The immense hall was buzzing with energy, where all indoor track and field disciplines were happening all at the same time.

Quite a few brave representatives ranked our School honorably and made their relatives proud, as they obtained leading places competing amongst 80 opponents. Looking at throwing, 1st places took Julia G. and Kristiyan Z., 2nd place for Sophia I. and 3rd place for Eduard D. and Eliyan A. In long jump, Darina K., Tamerlan M. and Daria P. ranked 2nd. Daria finished 1st in both 60m and 200m disciplines for the 3-4 grade age group. Mira M. was truly fast on the track as well, ranking 4th in 60m.

No matter the number or place, all children got the goosebumps of the ‘track and field’. This competition will forever bear the imprint of their fiery hearts.

See photos here.

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