Victorian Day for 2nd Graders

Grade 2 have started learning about life in the Victorian Era. On Thursday 26th September and today, Friday 27th September, the three Grade 2 classes were transported back in time to the year 1877. The typical English classroom at St George was rearranged and the children were greeted with rows of tables facing the blackboard. Boys and girls sat separately and they were forced to write with chalk on their very own slate board. The children quickly realised the strict, Victorian regime and they worked quietly like mice.

The children experienced short lessons on handwriting and arithmetic. The headmaster, Mr Furniss, arrived into the classes on his morning walk about and he quizzed the children about the glorious Queen Victoria. A school photo was taken on the school staircase before going outside to play hopscotch.

We would like to thank all the parents for helping your child create such a beautiful costume. The children looked fantastic and it certainly helped them to stay in character. The children enjoyed themselves and we are sure this experience will help their creative writing over the next few weeks.

Enjoy the photographs here!

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