Design & Technology Class with Grade 4B - Paper Music

Today we are in Design & Technology class, where fourth graders indulge in the making of their very own paper-mâché guitars from scratch. Witnessing the formation of several skills within such long-term project: ever since stage one, when students purely imagine a three-dimentional object, all the way until the moment of actually creating it. Students utilize a rich mixture of water, glue or flour along with paper bits and pieces, transforming the raw cardboard model and moulding the detailed shape of a guitar. During the painting process, the guitar receives individuality from every student's creative mind through colours, forms and patterns. After a long impatient wait, the paint is dry and it is time to varnish the instrument to preserve its finished look. Better not forget to sign!

And of course, what is a guitar without its strings?

The results - sticky fingers, wide smiles and strumming along the school year's beginning song!

See photos here.
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