During the first two weeks of May, we have learnt about different means of transportation. To enhance our understanding, we proudly went on a great train adventure. It was very exciting because it was the first time to travel by train for most of our children. We went to the Central Railway Station where we learnt how to behave in a public place. We bought our tickets and found the correct platform where there were so many trains- some were old and some were new. Finally, our train arrived and the trip begun. We met the conductor who checked our tickets and nicely shared coupes with other passengers. During our ride, we saw Iskar River and Stara Planina Mountain whilst enjoying the steady sound of the train. We arrived in Svoge town where we had fun at a playground next to the train station. It was such a fun experience climbing, jumping and using the swings, while sharing equipment, taking turns and enjoying spending time together.

The Tigers

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