Every year we celebrate St. George's day with a special timetable, full of fun and new things to learn. The topic of this year's celebration was "Treasure Hunt". All the children rushed into the race in the school building. By using a special "Research Card" developed by the organizers of the event- S-Media, the children met some of the most interesting animals on the planet, as well as some of the most interesting natural sights and phenomena.Along with the games and adventures, the children discovered that the greatest treasure was knowledge and received one issue of the "BBC Knowledge" magazine.

The day continued with another long-awaited event – The Talent’s Show. Just in seconds our cinema hall was filled with students and teachers who came to support the children who have decided to show their talents. Singers, musicians and dancers came to the stage, and the varieagated program included a recitation of own poem and a demonstration of magical abilities.

See photos here.

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