Dear friends, we are happy to share with you the outcome from the very first IGCSE exams in our school.

In November 2018 Grade 9 and 10 students sat their very first IGCSE exam in English as a Second Language. This qualification is usually examined at the end of Grade 10, but we felt our students would benefit from experiencing the examination process earlier, and to pave the way for future IGCSE’s in English as a First Language, and English Literature, providing qualifications that do not label our students as ‘English for foreigners’, but provide the same qualifications as the very best International Schools, and schools in the United Kingdom.

IGCSE’s are graded from A*-F, with A*-C considered a strong pass.

Below is a graph comparing our Grade 10 results, our long term students from Grade 9, and our new students who joined the school one year prior to this examination, with the official world statistics of June 2018 from Cambridge International Education (November 2018 statistics are not available at the time of writing, but will be similar in distribution). The analysis shows that:

• 100% of our Grade 10 students achieved between A*-C and 71% of our Grade 10 students achieved the top grades between A*-A; significantly higher than the world statistics at 68% A*-C and 19* A*-A.

• 100% of our Grade 9 students who have been with the school longer than one year, achieved A*-C, with 50% achieving the highest grades between A*-A. This is also significantly higher than the world statistics.

• 67% of our new students in Grade 9 achieved between A*-C, which is comparable to the world statistics at the end of Grade 10. Although lower than the other students, we are satisfied with their achievement given the short period of time in which they had to learn, and is testament to the quality of our induction programme in Grade 8. They should be proud of themselves.

This summer our Grade 10’s will sit Cambridge IGCSE’s in English as a First Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. I look forward to August and being able to share with you further successes.

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