1. Admission fee

The Admission fee is a one-off payment and it is not subject to reimbursement. It is due when applying to St. George International School and Preschool. The fee covers expenses for examination documents, stay of the candidate in the school on the examination day with food included, entry examination and the subsequent administrative service.

  • The admission fee for children from St. George Preschool and applying for Preparatory Group in St. George International School is at the amount of 250 euro;
  • The admission fee is not applicable for returning students, enrolled in St. George International School and applying for 5th and 8th grade.

2. Warranty deposit

The warranty deposit is a lump-sum that has to be paid when signing the contract. It serves as a guarantee for keeping the place of the child in school and may serve as a compensation for delays in payment or damages caused by the child to the facilities. The remaining is subject to reimbursement after the completion of the tuition or in case of leaving the school.

3. Annual Tuition Fee

The tuition fees, listed in the table above, are annual, in euro, in case the total is paid in one installment. When choosing payment of the tuition fee in 2, 3 or 10 installments, then increase of 3%, 8% and 10% is charged respectively. The annual tuition fee covers:
  • Education in accordance with the Bulgarian National Standards of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria, Cambridge Primary School for Primary Education and Cambridge International School for Secondary Education in lessons until 15:30 h, under the conditions specified in the contract.
  • Defining of the speech status of the child up to Grade 4– performed twice a year;
  • Annual accident insurance;
  • Educational visits to cultural and historical places of interest in the city of Sofia, museums, theatrers, etc.
Additional expenses:
  • Educational resources fee
  • Participation of the student in blocks of additional activities from the optional curriculum after 15:30h – sport; music; applied arts, performing and fine arts; technology and design, etc.;
  • Food;
  • Fresh juice;
  • School uniform;
  • Transport;
  • School trips (“green” and “white school”);
  • Excursions outside the city of Sofia;
  • Examination fees for:
  • - Cambridge Primary Statement of Achievement - 10/11 years of age;

    - Cambridge Secondary Statement of Achievement - 13/14 years of age;

    - International General Certificate of Secondary Education Cambridge (IGCSE) – 16 years of age;

    - International Advanced Level Certificate (А-level) – 18/19 years of age.

4. Educational resources

The amount of the educational resources fee is determined for each school year. It is due with the first installment according to the payment plan chosen by the parents. It is paid separately from the annual tuition fee and is not subject to reimbursement in case of leaving the school. Educational Resources fee covers the usage and subscription to online platforms, basic and additional textbooks, basic pack of notebooks, planner, school mark book and card, school materials for practical trainings, etc.

5. Examination fee

The examination fee is calculated for students, enrolled in 4th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade. It is determined for every school year and is due with the first installment according to the payment plan chosen by the parents and is paid separately from the annual tuition fee.

6. Food

The food fee is calculated and paid separately from the annual fee. The students have four meals per day: breakfast, morning snack, lunch with a choice of 4 dishes /salad, soup, main dish and dessert – the children can choose from several kinds of each dish/ and afternoon snack.

The food fee for 2021-2022 is 7 euro per school day. The parents can request to add fresh juice once per day, provided with the afternoon snack, which costs 1 euro per juice.

The food fee is formed based on the number of school days for each school year and is paid in one (annual) or two installments (prior to the beginning of each term). At the end of the academic year, a recapitulation is performed and the unspent amounts for food are reimbursed for the days of absence of the student, for which there is a valid reason.

7. Transport

The service is provided by an independent licensed company for student transportation according to their set terms and conditions for children aged 4 or older. The transport fee is calculated and paid separately from the annual fee according to the method of payment chosen by the parents. Communication in relation to requesting, organisation and administration of the service is established directly by the parents and the transportation company as every parent, who has requested a transportation service, signs an individual contract with the transport company.

8. Blocks from the optional school programme after 15.30 h

When signing the tuition contract, the parents may request the participation of the student in a number of blocks in sport, music, applied, performing and fine arts, technology and design, etc. from the optional school programme after 15:30 h, for which an additional fee is due.

The fee for participating in these blocks should be paid in two installments (before the beginning of each term) and is not subject to reimbursement in case of refusal to visit the activities.

The students from Preparatory Grades and First Grades can be enrolled in one block daily – from 16:00 to 17:00 h., the students from Second Grade and above – in two blocks daily, from 16:00 to 17:00 h. and from 17:00 to 18:00 h.

9. Signing a contract

For new students the contract has to be signed after an admission procedure has been passed and a confirmation for admission of the applicant has been sent to the parents of the candidate. The annual tuition fee depends on the day of signing the contract.

For returning students the contract is subject to annual re-signing for every further academic year. When a contract for returning students is signed until April 30th of the present academic year, then the financial conditions for returning students are applicable for the next academic year. If a contract for the next school year is not signed for a student enrolled during the current academic year, such a contract can be concluded at a later stage if there are vacancies and under the conditions for new students.

The students enrolled in grade 4 and 7 during the current academic year who will continue their tuition in the school in the next stage (grades 5 – 7 and grades 8 – 10 respectively), have to pass through an admission procedure. In case of a confirmed admission their contracts for the next academic year should be signed until March 15th for the students in grade 4 and until March 30th for the students in grade 7, in order to keep their status and conditions for returning students.

The financial terms for every consecutive academic year are determined by the Management of the school no later than February 1st of the current year.

10. Fees discounts

  • Discounts from the tuition fee: a 5% discount is provided upon enrollment of a second child from one family, a 10% discount – for each subsequent child from the family. For twins – 15% discount for one of the twins;
  • Discounts do not apply to: warranty payment, educational resources fee, examination fee, school trips (“green” and “white school”), school uniform, food, participation in the blocks of the optional school curriculum after 15:30 h;
  • In case there is an option for more than one type of discount, the calculations are based on the highest discount, without accumulation.

11. Entry after the start of the school year

When admitting a student after the beginning of the school year, the tuition fee is reduced proportionally to the missed number of school days from the beginning of the school year to the starting day of the student in the school. Educational resources fee, examination fee and warranty payment are not subject to reduction.

12. Leave school before the end of the school year

In case of termination of a student’s tuition contract before the end of the school year and in case the requirement for one-month notice is observed, the tuition fee is reimbursed on the grounds of the requested leave date according to the following periods:

  • from 15 September until 30 October - 25%;
  • from 1 November until 31 January - 20%
  • from 1 February until 31 March - 15%;
  • after 1 April - 10%.

Educational resources fee is not a subject of reimbursement.

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