Dear friends,

This year almost imperceptibly came to an end. With its end drawing near, comes the time for celebration, when students, parents and teachers will share the emotions and warmth of the brightest Christmas holidays.

Welcome to our traditional Charity Christmas Bazaar and Concert, which will take place on 15.12.2018 /Saturday/ from 11.00 until 15.00 h.

Please feel welcome to invite your relatives and friends to join the party and to contribute to this year’s causes. Тhey are as follows:

  • Purchase basic necessities for people with disabilities from the Center for Social Integration and Rehabilitation in Sofia;
  • Collect funds for a summer rehabilitation camp for orphan children with severe physical disabilities from the Family Type Center in Veliko Tarnovo;
  • Donation of books for the school library.

We would like to thank Stella Tsvetkova, a parent of one of our students and her team NaVun, who designed a full landscape and planting project as a gift to the school - for the lobbies, canteen, library. The selected plants are safe for children and do not cause allergic reactions. Much of the vegetation, apart from the decorative one has air purifying and noise-reducing functions.

At the bazaar there will be the opportunity to either purchase vouchers for donation to the school of specific type of plant or donate an amount if you are willing to support the project. All plants will be offered at special prices.

We are expecting you in a joyful Christmas clothing so we could share this wonderful holiday together!

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