On the 1st of November 2018, the Day of the National Revival, at 11 o’clock, the official opening ceremony of EDUCATIONAL-SPORTS COMPLEX “LOZENETS” in Sofia, Lozenets District was held.

The CEO of OSK “Lozenets” EAD, Mrs. Kremena Peneva opened the event with a speech about the long way from the idea to the completion of the project. She emphasized in her speech that “There is no better day than the National Revival Day to officially open the home of St. George International School&Preschool. The Educational-Sports Complex “Lozenets” is not only a place for education, culture and sports, but also a place of shared ideas and values by parents, children and teachers, where learning from the international experience and further providing an education at a world level, we preserve the Bulgarian national consciousness and spirit.”

A guest of honor to the event was Mrs. Tsveta Karayancheva, chairperson of the National Assembly of Bulgaria, who also delivered a speech and made special wishes to both teachers and students “to continue their development as well as to pursue the knowledge so as in a while to give a new impulse to the Bulgarian economics and politics, in order Bulgaria to have a future! Among the official guests were Mrs. Nadya Dankinova, Executive Director of the Fund for Sustainable Urban Development, Mr. Kalin Dikov, chief architect of the project, Mr. Assen Hristov, main investor and other important persons, associated to the education, culture, business and sports in Bulgaria.

Mrs. Kremena Peneva, Mrs. Tsveta Karayancheva, Mrs. Nadya Dankinova and Mr. Assen Hristov cut the band with festivity. Afterwards the guests walked around the premises of the complex: the swimming pools, the cinema hall, the multifunctional sports hall, one of the chemistry labs and the art room. At the end, a cocktail was organized in one of the events halls.

Additional information

The first sod was made in May 2015.

The initial cost of the project was in the amount of 34 814 148 BGN, of which own investments - 17 211 678 BGN and 17 602 470 BGN, funds provided as a loan through JESSICA.

Relevantly 8 801 235 BGN (50%) were funds, provided by the Fund for Sustainable Urban Development Sofia – FSUD EAD and 8 801 235 BGN (50%) were funds, provided by the Operational Programme “Regional Development 2007-2013”, as follows:

* Financing from the European Regional Development Fund – 7 481 049.75 BGN

* Financing from the national budget of Republic of Bulgaria – 1 320 185.25 BGN

Subsequent to the project start additional investments were made by the investor in buying land, construction of underground parking, extra outside sports facilities, buying of additional equipment and furniture and etc. in the amount of 21 685 000 BGN.

The funds invested in the project to the opening date added up to the total of 56 500 000 BGN.

The architectural project was a creation of the team of Elit Studio EOOD with a manager arch. Kalin Dikov.

Partner of the project was St. George International School&Preschool.

The Educational-Sports Complex “Lozenets” was designed on a total built-up area of over 25 000 sq.m.

When designing the building, contemporary decisions were implemented aiming at decreasing the exploitation costs and achieving high energy efficiency indicators. Accessible environment was ensured in compliance with the national legislation. All systems and installations were envisaged, needed for a modern school, including BMS system, clock system, sound system, interactive educational system and etc.

    The educational complex has:
      • Classrooms – 87, with an area from 40 to 94 sq.m., incl. specialized rooms in physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, Bulgarian language, English language, French language, German language, Russian language, Journalism, Arts, construction, cooking, technologies, 7 musical rooms (4 of them individual), astronomy, recording studio etc.
      • Libraries – 2, one for the School and one for the kindergarten
      • Teachers’ rooms
      • Relax zones for students
      • Premises with individual lockers for each student and teacher
      • Indoor facility for games in the kindergarten
    The sport complex disposes of outdoor and indoor sports facilities, incl.:

    Indoor sport facilities:

      • Swimming pool with sizes 25 x 12,50 m
      • Swimming pool for kids from the kindergarten with sizes 6,60 x 5,50 m
      • 3 sports halls for the kindergarten with area of 100 sq.m. each
      • Running track
      • A hall for dances and gymnastics
      • A hall for martial arts
      • A fitness hall
      • Multifunctional sports hall
      • 2 squash courts
      • Changing rooms

    Outdoor sport facilities:

      • Outdoor playgrounds – 2 football ones, 1 basketball one, 1 volleyball one
      • 4 tennis courts
      • Running track
      • Fitness
      • Separate zones for playing for different age groups

    In the complex are also built:

      • Multifunctional hall for stage arts and shows with 350 places. The necessary dressing rooms, changing rooms, control room have been designed
      • Events hall
      • 2 canteens, one for the school and one for the kindergarten
      • Own kitchen

The school building, the sport sector and the kindergarten have an immediate connection between each other, as meanwhile they function independently and have own entrances.

See photos here.

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