End of school year 2017-2018


“One more school year, full of shared emotions and successes, has passed. We are proud of all achievements and participation of our students in both national and international contests and competitions. We are grateful to all the teachers of our team for the devotion, love and care!” With these words, Mrs. Kremena Peneva opened the school celebration, whereas every student received a special gift from her – a book for the glorious history of Medieval Bulgaria with the message to remember our roots and be inspired for great achievements and victories by the deeds of the great Bulgarians.

A scale model of the Fortress Tsarevets was specially brought for the celebration and everyone had the opportunity to see the unique show “Sound and Light”, which reproduces the history of the second Bulgarian Kingdom. In such joyful atmosphere – students, teachers and relatives celebrated the successful ending of the school year on 1st of June, the international children’s day. All of them participated in various workshops, specially prepared and organized by the students and the teachers.
For the good mood and appetite – parents and friends organised stalls of different national cuisines and the guests had the opportunity to taste delicious dishes and drinks.

Following the cause of our traditional Christmas Bazaar and Concert 2017, we have received donations to the school library of over 150 titles.

Dear students, we wish you a wonderful and exciting summer and we are looking forward to hearing again the first school bell!

See photos here.

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